Natural Dyeing

The Art of Natural Dyeing

Natural dyeing is an ancient and natural art. It involves extracting colorants from plants and other organic materials, to give colour and pattern to fabric and fibre. It is completely natural, and uses no chemicals or other harmful materials.

Plant material is used to:

  • Extract a dye solution to give overall colour to the fabric/fibre when it is immersed and heated in the solution;
  • Obtain prints of the plant material on bundled cloth by steaming and immersion methods.

Where possible, I use recycled fabric, and plant material is sourced and disposed of in an environmentally-sustainable way.

Natural-dyed Products

Sewendee offers a range of unique, beautiful items including:

  • Pure Silk Scarves
  • Silk and Cotton Scarves
  • Walking Bags
  • Placemats
  • Table Runners
  • Cushions
  • T-shirts
  • Cosmetic Bags

The Dyeing Process

Natural-dyed Recycled Cotton

Natural-dyed Pure Silk Scarves

Natural-dyed Placemats

Natural-dyed Table Runners

Natural-dyed Walking Bags